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Diff. Btwn. RAM & ROM!

The ROM is a long term memory used to save files and such for a long time.  A RAM is a short term memory that was recently added . These files are usually are in temporary placement and are not as important as ROM memory files.


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20 Parts of a Computer

  1. Ram
  2. Rom
  3. Video card
  4. CPU
  5. Computer Case
  6. Heat Sink
  7. Hard Drive
  8. Expansion Board
  9. Fan
  10. Power Supply
  11. Cd Drive
  12. USB Port
  13. A Battery
  14. Floppy Drive
  15. Screws
  16. Mother Board
  17. NIC
  18. Sound Card
  19. Microphone Port
  20. Outside Plastic Case

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How To Be Safe Online!

  • Always inform your parents you are going on the internet and going on a social network website.
  • On social networking sites do NOT befriend people you do not know at all or people who say they know you and you don’t know them.
  • Stay away from chat room and allowing strangers to talk to or get any of your information.
  • Never give any personal information like you full name unless they are are friends, your address, your picture to strangers, and credit card number or account numbers especially your parents, social security numbers, even what school you go to, your birthday, you age or anything about you that you are not comfortable giving on the internet.
  • Never give credit card numbers unless your parents allow you to and they know what you are purchasing.
  • If you ever personally ever meet someone you met online make sure you take your parents to meet them as well and make sure its a public place, also make sure you know their real names.

For more information you can checkout these helpful websites to stay safe online:

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